We are NOT a 1% clubWe are NOT a support clubAnd we claim NO territory.

 The Shadow Warriors Motorcycle Club  strives to enhance the community that it resides in, by participating in charity event and creating opportunities to assist, aid, and otherwise involve itself with community service activities, while also promoting and maintaining a positive image for our club. 

 The Shadow Warriors Motorcycle Club will always strive to promote fellowship among motorcycle riders and work to improve relations between the general public and motorcycle riders through discourse and social events.

We respect all as long as they show respect.




All club members are active AMA members and abide by the AMA code of conduct. 

 We are a  ‘recreational’ family club.


Share your love with the Houston homeless community

 Who are we as human beings if we ignore the suffering of other?

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2017 Aprilia RSV4 bike of the week

. Take a look at what I found and where I found the items and how I put together me backpack to give to a person in need. 

 Me and my son first went out to pick up a few items for the Houston homeless. Later me and a biker friend head out to give the B4H Bikers for homeless backpacks to someone in need. 

 Houston bikers giving back and helping the homeless in our city. Words from a homeless man living under a city bridge.

Houston bikers showing love to the homeless. Tonight on my way to show some kindness to someones in need of a little help I spent some time talking about the new Netflix show like iron fist luke cage jessaca jones the punisher daredevil and a few more.

Todays video out for a Sunday ride armed with a backpack for a person in need on the streets of Houston. It was a good day.

First look at the new B4H backpacks that I designed for the homeless backpack campaign, Later  I went out to pass out a few backpacks with many more to come. 

Backpacks For Homeless - B4H if you would like to help please found them - GoFoundMe

  The purpose of Shadow Warriors  Motorcycle Club is to bring together a group of people who enjoy similar philosophies, martial arts and a love of motorcycle riding, with a focus on community involvement. 

 Mayor Sylvester Turner held a news conference where he outlined a plan to reduce homelessness and panhandling. 

join us on the 3rd Sunday of each month to help Houston homeless.  more info

join us on the 3rd Sunday of each month to help Houston homeless. more info

Houston bikers hit the street to show some love to the homeless on father's day. Backpacks for the homeless by Bikers 4 Homeless. www.facebook.com/bikersforthehomeless/

Bikers 4 Homeless sponsors Backpacks 4 Homeless.

Seven out of 10 Americans are one paycheck away from being homeless.
One out of ten are welling to help. Be the ONE!

— Samurai